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More volumes from The Sherlock
Holmes Reference Library.
The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library:
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Edited, with annotations by Leslie S. Klinger

Here it is: the final volume of Edgar Award winner Leslie S. Klinger's original landmark series. In Case-Book the Sherlock Holmes Canon concludes with a collection of memorable, amazing cases, including: looking into the problem of his most Illustrious client, a man who fears his wife is a vampire, and the vexing problem of Thor Bridge.

The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library is the exhaustively annotated, ten-volume edition of the Sherlock Holmes tales. It's the most complete collection of canonical scholarship and commentary ever assembled. No Sherlockian bookshelf is complete without it. Each illustrated volume is bursting with scholarly annotations and features a sturdy, smythe-sewn soft cover binding.

286 pp., illustrated, soft-cover, $26.95

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