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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

Sherlockian Heresies
by Léo Sauvage
Edited, with an Introduction by Julie McKuras & Susan Vizoskie

Léo Sauvage found friendship and camaraderie in The Baker Street Irregulars, thriving on the "disputation, confrontation, and dialectical hullabaloo" that took place with his fellow Sherlockians. Sauvage loved the tales but he didn't worship them. Thus, when he turned his critical eye toward the flaws and inconsistencies in the Canon of Sherlock Holmes, he did so knowing his conclusions might be seen as heresy! Finally, after nearly a quarter of a century, you can judge for yourself!

Author Léo Sauvage led an extraordinary life. War refugee, drama critic, journalist, author, and Baker Street Irregular. A frequent contributor to the literature of Sherlock Holmes, he was working on Sherlockian Heresies at the time of his death.

"It is a distinct pleasure, particularly in these dumbed-down days, to encounter a solid work of old-fashioned, literate, witty disputation in the Canon. Get Sherlockian Heresies. Read it. It will get your own dialectical juices flowing."
- George Fletcher, BSI

246 pp., illustrated, soft-cover $19.95

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