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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.

The Milvertonians of Hampstead
Forgotten Writings from The Worst Men in London

Introduced, Collated and Edited by Nicholas Utechin

Remember The Milvertonians

I wonder how many Sherlockians in this century recall The Milvertonians of Hampstead — the first, and hitherto only, branch of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London? It is a tale of boundless enthusiasm among a few, calling up the founding spirit of The Baker Street Irregulars and The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

    From the Introduction

You hold a time machine in your hands. Reading it will transport you immediately to the period between 1958 and 1968. Nick Utechin has gathered together these fugitives from a London in many ways more distant from us than Sherlock Holmes's city. As you feel the 1960s envelop you, envy the Milvertonians, for whom so much waited to be discovered.
—Steven Rothman

144 pp., illustrated, soft cover, $18.95