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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
75th Anniversary Edition

By Vincent Starrett
Edited by Ray Betzner

"The greatest book about Sherlock Holmes that has ever been written!" That's what Julian Wolff, legendary leader of The Baker Street Irregulars, wrote about The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Its publication in 1933 inspired and motivated those kindred spirits to come together as The Baker Street Irregulars.

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More scholarly and humorous Sherlockian writings.
In his introduction to this edition, Ray Betzner writes "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes gave a permanent profile to the playful examination of the Holmes stories by blending literary criticism, historical analysis and childlike imagination with adult wish fulfillment. More than that, Private Life became a rallying point for those who dabbled in this playful criticism, encouraging others to make their Holmes devotion public. Over the years, it remained a beloved favorite and cornerstone work in any Holmes collection. Much of what has been written about Sherlock Holmes in the intervening 75 years can trace its roots back to this one book."

This enhanced 75th Anniversary Edition adds scholarly commentary and appreciation to a complete facsimile of the rare, original 1933 first edition. Crack the cover of this magical book and experience first-hand how generations of Sherlockians have been transported to "that romantic chamber of the heart, where it is always 1895."

259 pp., illustrated, case-bound with dust jacket, $29.95

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