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Program schedule is subject to change. All guest appearances are subject to last-minute cancellation due to work commitments. This is unavoidable when booking guests who are entertainment industry professionals. Cancellations, if any, will be immediately reported to all registrants.

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Paul Annett portraitPaul Annett
Paul Annett was the first director of the landmark Granada Television Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett, and it was his involvement that not only set the course for the entire series, but also established Brett on the right dramatic path..

Bert Coules portraitBert Coules
Radio Dramatist for the BBC Sherlock Holmes, starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams.

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David Stuart Davies portraitDavid Stuart Davies
David Stuart Davies is a writer, editor, and playwright. He is a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and a BSI. He was editor of Sherlock magazine for ten years. His Sherlockian writings include seven Holmes novels; the latest, The Devil's Promise, is published this November. His non-fiction work includes Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and the movie history Starring Sherlock Holmes. His two plays, Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act and Sherlock Holmes: The Death & Life are available on audio CD. David has lectured on Holmes in, amongst other venues, London, New York and on the Queen Mary II.

James Naremore portraitJames Naremore
Professor James Naremore is the author of five books and dozens of essays on film and modern literature, and is the editor of four volumes of film criticism dealing with a variety of writers, directors, and performers, including such figures as Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Huston.

Bonnie MacBird portraitBonnie MacBird
Born in San Francisco, Bonnie MacBird was a Development Executive in Feature Films at Universal Studios reporting to President Ned Tanen, and worked as a development executive on nearly all projects in development at that time including Heroes, Car Wash, Smokey and the Bandit, and many more. Her production company, formed in 1986 with partner Jim Shasky, garnered three Emmys. MacBird is also a stage and screen actor, who teaches screenwriting at UCLA.

Kristina Manente portraitKristina Manente
Kristina Manente is a podcast host, author, traveller, Sherlockian, internet personality and commentator. Kristina has appeared on national television speaking on Sherlock Holmes and fandom, as well as in national and international newspapers. On her incredibly popular podcast, The Baker Street Babes, she's interviewed actors, authors, composers, scholars, and more on Sherlock Holmes, mystery writing, and the media at large. Kristina has spoken at conferences, hosted Holmes-themed events in London and NYC, been interviewed on shows and podcasts, and has attended numerous events in both the UK and USA. She is currently attending Goldsmiths University doing an MA in Radio. Kristina is also a Wessex Press/Gasogene Books author, having co-edited One Fixed Point in a Changing Age: A New Generation on Sherlock Holmes.