I've never been to a "Gillette to Brett" conference before. Will I actually get to meet the speakers you bring in?

Yes! Unlike some conventions, where a headlining guest might fly in just before his appearance, speak, and then immediately leave, all of the Special Guests and speakers at From Gillette to Brett V are on site the whole time, participating in the conference just as you will be - from the opening reception on Friday evening to the Sunday theater matinee. We also provide time for autographs for authors and Special Guests.

For a glimpse of the past, click here and see a photo album of our last event! Additional accounts of the first three From Gillette to Brett conferences can be found at the following links:


I am flying into the Indianapolis International Airport for the conference. Will I have to rent a car to get to Bloomington, Indiana?

Rental cars and taxis are available at the airport. However, renting car is unnecessary. There is direct shuttle service between the airport and The Biddle Hotel at the Indiana Memorial Union in Bloomington. The service is provided by GO Express Travel. We recommend ordering your shuttle ticket online in advance.

Does my registration include meals?

All meals are SEPARATE from the registration fee. Scheduled conference meals include the Saturday Evening Banquet, and a Sunday Morning Brunch.

The Banquet: The Banquet is a pre-ordered/pre-paid event. Registration for the Banquet is $45 per person. We have separated this from the general conference events because some people prefer to attend the conference but skip the banquet and dine on their own.

Is the IU Cinema in the Memorial Union?

The film screenings of Without a Clue and The Hound of the Baskervilles will be held in the IU Cinema, which is located in the IU Auditorium, two blocks from the Union in the heart of the IU Bloomington campus.

Will there be a merchant's room? Can I have a table in the room?

Yes, there will be a room devoted to Sherlockian merchants located conveniently next door to the Whittenberger Auditorium (where the daytime sessions take place). Dealers Tables are $40 per table. Space is limited so reserve your table early!